The Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency history covers four decades, having over time several names:

  • Technical Institute for Research and Design of the Army (T.I.R.D.A.) was founded on 1st of April 1968. This institute’s task was to perform research activities and documentation for achieving new technique (signal processing systems, armored vehicles, artillery, engineers, technology for command and control);
  • Institute for Research and Technological Engineering of the Army (I.R.T.E.A.) since 20th of February 1979;
  • Institute for Scientific Research and Technological Engineering of the Army (I.S.R.T.E.A.) since 1988;
  • Institute for Research & Development of the Army (I.R.D.A.) since 1st of July 1991;
  • Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency (METRA) since 7th of January 1998.

Since its foundation, METRA participates to design, test or modernization of Romanian Army military technology , some of the notable achievements being: The numeric terminal for voice and data encryption DELTA-01S, The aerial unit for the START-1M radar station, 30mm caliber ammunition for naval weapons, Target for anti-submarine torpedoes, The NBC protection suit with filter-ventilation, Modernized III-A bulletproof waistcoat, Decontamination system solutions, The IAR-99 ŞOIM aircraft, The MIG-21 LANCER aircraft configuration with air-air and MAGIC2 missile weapons, BAEF 250 air force bomb, The terrestrial insurance system of air navigation, The practice simulator for tank trainer. Through the Government Decision No.395 from 13.04.2011, METRA is authorized as contracting authority of national program of strategic interest "8x8 armored troops carrier ".



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