METRA’s mission is to perform basic oriented and applied research, technological development activities, for continuous input of technical progress to  military, design of new military technology with higher performances and modernization of fielded technology, at low resource investments.

In order to accomplish its mission, METRA

  1. realizes the functional framework required for the MFC needs recognition and scientific solutions in order to solve them;
  2. participates to accomplishment of SG and MFC interoperability targets through specific media;
  3. performs actions in order to align the R&D activities to NATO and UE priorities regarding the defence and security;
  4. recognizes the needed resources for upgrading the present test and evaluation capacities (T&E), in order to ensure the conditions for validation\certification of their dissemination towards users and internal economic agents;
  5. ensures the organization framework for T&E human and technical potential and products certification according to military standards applicable in NATO framework;
  6. realizes the institutional framework, needed for complementary onset research objectives and ensures the possibility to participate both to national or international consortium research projects;
  7. draws up modification of legislative framework proposals from the research and development (R&D) area, in accordance with the military organism particularities;
  8. ensures the military organism structure R&D results dissemination within the defence and other industries;
  9. recognizes the R&T tendencies applicable to worldwide military system and establishes perspective objectives for national research orientation towards their achievement;
  10. ensures the organizational framework for research collective establishment in science and technologies summit areas.


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