Synthetic data on research and development activities carried out in METRA

Through its main development activity, METRA was organized pursuant to the national research and development system on a specific component that uniquely comprises the scientific research military component.

The Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency -METRA – fulfills the research strategy outers throughout its basic mission – the research and development activity – CAEN code 7129, consisting in the achievement of the research and development projects within the 2015 Research and Development Annual Plan.


The Research and Development Annual Plan is structured as follows:



            The optimization of the scientific research activities of all military establishments designed as research and development units for the execution of PSCD 2015 followed the procedural framework updating in order to adapt from the project management to structural level.

            Notice that the research and development projects have helped achieve the objectives and requirements of the beneficiary forces categories, particularly for the development and modernization of equipments and systems used within the operational theatres in order to extend the technical resources systems in service as well as the Ministry of National Defense priority programs like:

            The 2015 Ministry of National Defense Research and Development Sector Plan, financed by the budget through the Armament Department, had planned a total of 2 385 374 lei.




            During the execution of the plan, according to the objective requirements arising in addition to the beneficiary ones, by adjusting the allocated resources needed as well as framing the allocated time schedules for achieving goals, the 2012 Military Technique and Technology Research and Development Sector Plan  has been updated through 8 plan modification prevision operational sheets.

According to the final disposition were awarded for execution in 2015 a total of 84 projects, amounting to a total of 125 researches – development and test and evaluation papers.

      Following the research and development papers planned throughout 2015 Research and Development Sectoral Plan, there were recorded the following results according to the reception achievements with the beneficiary forces categories:



and evaluation reports                                                                                 33



The scientific and technical information lays on the decisions taken within the scientific and technical analyses activities, which take place during the research and development work papers (partially analyses) and the completion of the LCD.


Through the scientific analyses on verify the technical content of the research and development work, data entry requirements by comparing the output data, the accuracy of the technical solution adopted, and evaluation of the similar products, conducting simulations, numerical models or samples.




      Within the Research – Development and Innovation National Plan - (PNCDI II) – on „PARTNERSHIPS”, „INNOVATION” and „STAR”, have been accomplished 23 research phases within 22 projects, with a total value of funds of 2. 440.882 lei.

            Notices that all the PNCDI research – development papers within the budget financed projects have been accomplished according to the initial approvals.








Information Systems and Communications Test and Evaluation Scientific Research Center






Test and Evaluation Armaments Scientific Research Center






C.B.R.N. Defense and Ecology Scientific Research Center






Naval Scientific Research Center










            Within the Internal Plan had been carried out activities specific to the following specific METRA fields:

                    Within the INTRAMAN network operates the electronic library which keeps account of the research and development acquisition technical specifications / products papers.

                    The library holds for now 2549 research and development results – for 2006 – 2015 and 2145 technical specifications and acquisitions sheets products, results available on the INTRAMAN network.



            During 2015, within METRA, there were developed and submitted for approval a total of 439 technical specifications and acquisitions sheet products as a support for the Ministry of National Defense Public Acquisitions Annual Plan, for which beneficiaries have issued technical requirements.

            The distribution of the technical specifications / sheet products under the responsibly of METRA in 2015:           


C.B.R.N. Defense and Ecology Scientific Research Center


Information Systems and Communications Test and Evaluation Scientific Research Center


Test and Evaluation Armaments Scientific Research Center


Naval Scientific Research Center


In Flight Scientific Research Center



            The provision of services for the beneficiaries outside the Ministry of National Defense follows the Minister of Defense order no. M 82 / 2008:



            During 2015 METRA committed and engaged, on demand, 13 service contracts for communication equipments setting, test and evaluation activities – TEMPEST, as well as 124 of electromagnetic field level determination in different locations.

            The collaboration contract assignment is made by specific institutions, those which hold the technical capabilities and the necessary resources for their completion according to

the technical requirements framed by the research team in accordance with the Secretary of State requirements on AQAP implementation.

            The coworker’s technical capabilities are being evaluated according to the previous results in order to ensure the regularity of the activities within the projects.

            The final reception completes following the contracts stipulations, the Paper assignments as well as the quality surveillance plan.  The final reception is made by a specific committee for each project. The collaboration results are totally included in the final protocol.




            According to the “Annual acceptance and implementation of NATO standardization agreements (STANAG) 2015, METRA was designed to be responsible for the acceptance of eight NATO standardization agreement which have been promulgated;

            Regarding the national situation for standardization agreement, within METRA, we mention the following:


            NATO standardization agreement implementation and recommendations STANAG/STANREC - implemented – 82, STANAG/STANREC partially implemented – 13.