• In the year 1974, by HCM 356/01.04.1974 decision, it was created the Flight Test Center (FTC), an institution made for flight testing of products manufactured by Romanian aeronautic industry;
  • In accordance with decision HG 210/18.05.1994 it was created In Flight Research & Test Center (FRTC) by reorganizing FTC S.A. as an applied scientific research and test evaluation military unit in aeronautic field;
  • In accordance with decision HG 551 / 2007, mentioned at no. 38, pct. II in Annex 1 of ANCS Decision no 9634/14.04.2008, In Flight Research & Test Center was certified as a applied research-development and test evaluation military unit in aeronautic field.

National expertise and certification:

  • GLOBAL CERT certificate no. 145/15.12.2007;
  • GLOBAL CERT certificate no. 105/AQAP 15.12.2007;
  • FRTC Quality Management System was evaluated as in accordance with MoD Requirements SR EN ISO 9001:2001 and with AQAP 2110.
  • Quality Management System is applied In flight and on ground test and evaluation activities for aeronautic products; applied research in aeronautic field; measurement, data acquisition and processing from test samples of aeronautic products; military aircraft maintenance and operation; selecting and training teams for aircraft test and acceptance; aviation incidents investigation; aircraft testing after fabrication or acceptance; software development for acquisition, computing and analyzing experimental data.
  • Flight and ground test programs for aeronautic products are performed in accordance with prescriptions of MIL class international regulations AvP 970, AIR 2004, with national military standards and with NATO standards (STANAG).


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