The areas of competence and specializations are ensured throughout the centers departments and laboratories material basis and personnel skills. The centers deputies and scientific deputy managers, the departments and laboratories deputies, are certified and acknowledged leaders, based on the Ministry of National Defence research personnel legislation.

Areas of competence

  • Research and development, applicable to defence and security area, within the Ministry of National Defence Research - Development and Innovation Sectoral Plan, the international programs as well as based on contract with universities, research and development units or economic agents with state or private stack, for the Ministry of National Defense benefit;
  • Military equipments and armament technical test and evaluation, achieved both in the country and abroad, for the elaboration or certification of scientific and technical notes, regarding the possibility of inserting them within the endowment program;
  • Scientific and technical valuation, in order to support the Armaments Department major programs development and the resolution of specific GS or MFC requirements;
  • Services and specialized analyses for the civil beneficiaries, based on contract.


  • Major weapon systems and military equipments concept studies, needed for their acquisition foundation;
  • Technical specifications, either for the system or for the Ministry of National Defense Public Acquisition Annual Plan acquisitions;
  • Technical studies and documentations for the modernization or maintenance of the existent military technology;
  • Military technology physical equipments and software;
  • Experimental patterns, laboratories, pilot stations and generic technologies, as support for the future applicative researches, derived from the oriented fundamental research results;
  • Projection and technological transfer of the results from the specific competence areas towards economic operators with public or private stack;
  • Execution, in order to sustain and develop the technology, of some small series or unique products, both for proper research results evaluation and exhibitions;
  • Scientific services and expertise reliable on the research infrastructure, on the strengths of national attestations;
  • Test and evaluation of plans and ongoing activities progress, military products implementation test reports;
  • Operational notices for weapon systems and military technology put into service;
  • Implementation and/or acceptance of NATO standards documents within the requested areas of competence;
  • Nuclear, chemical, radiological and ecological emergencies situations interventions, transmissions other then the attack.


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