• Chemical agent synthesis and analysis for purposes not prohibited by the Chemical Weapon   Convention;
  • Technologies, equipments, and materials for radiological, biological and chemical decontamination;
  • Nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological and conflagration protection;
  • Chemical agent detection, chemical control equipment;
  • Military dosimeter, nuclear control equipment;
  • Electromagnetic screening;
  • High power explosives, pyrotechnic compositions and materiel;
  • Non-lethal and counter-terrorist materiel;
  • Individual ballistic protection;
  • Environmental protection studies for the competent authorities agreements obtaining (environmental report, evaluation report of the impact over the environmental, environmental balance, security report, emplacement report, adequate evaluation report);
  • Intervention in nuclear, chemical, radiological ecological, and releases other than attack (ROTA) emergencies;
  • Maintenance, specifically equipments micro production.


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