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METRA ensures the Armaments Department scientific and technological competence in implementing procurement programs, procurement activities primarily for the benefit of the Ministry of National Defense (MND within the Research and Development Sector, Plan, the Research – Development and Innovation National Plan, international programs, as well as based on contracts, with universities, research and development units or with state capital or private economic agents.

As a result of the national and international projects or programs, METRA developed military equipments test and evaluation capabilities, the results being applied both by the Military of National Defense forces categories and the economic applicants.

The exhibition stands for promoting events and results obtained within the Research and Development National Plan, which constitutes a good opportunity to put face to face with representatives of inventors and researchers in business, with the central authorities, with the audience from the country and abroad, making it the ideal place to promote Romanian technical intelligence in international competition.

Overall, one can notice the research and development units (research-development national institutions, companies, universities, Academy institutions) whose stands are structured on the research and development units, namely: Environment and renewable energies; Defense and Security; Information Technologies; Micro & Nano-Technologies; Farming, Fishing, Food; Medicine and Bio-technology; Materials and Airspace; Textile.

METRA, an institution with military technologies and scientific research responsibilities, participated year after year to these remarkable events, namely:

Exhibition Events involving Military of National Defense support:

  • The Defense Technique and Technology Exhibition – EXPOMIL;
  • International exhibition dedicated to defense, national security and the aeronautical industry "Black Sea Defense and Aerospace" - BSDA;
  • Exhibition Event “Open Gates Day” organized by Military of National Defense;
  • „HISTRIA-15” scientific research exhibition ( presentation of METRA scientific research results);
  • Presentation of METRA scientific results exhibition on the celebration of 95th years of testing on „Brigadier general Ştefan Burileanu”army polygon;
  • Info-day symposium – 2015 Research and Development Sectoral Plan results.

Exhibition Events involving Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • The exhibition of European creativity and Innovation;
  • National Fair of Inventions and Practical Ideas – International inventions Conference;
  • Technological Transfer Research and Innovation International conference.



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