• Flight and ground tests for certification or homologation of military and civil aircraft, prototype or upgraded, cockpit equipments and instruments, aviation armament and ammunition;
  • Research and tests for certification and homologation of other military utility products;
  • Research and development in aeronautics;
  • Modeling and simulation in aeronautics;
  • Test flight of manufactured/repaired aircraft;
  • Flight/ground acceptance and certification of aircraft and equipments manufactured or repaired by domestic or foreign economic agents / repairing units;
  • Flight and ground test and evaluation of aeronautic products;
  • Testing of other military equipments;
  • Studies, applied research and experiments for Ministry of Defense;
  • Development of software application for experiments;
  • System analysis;
  • Calibration of measurement systems used during experiments;
  • Precision measurements, acquisition and computing experimental data;
  • Training flight and technical personnel for graduating on new types or variants of aircrafts;
  • Developing the documentation for flight and ground use of aircrafts;
  • Updating the principles of aircraft utilization, based on data gained upon intensive use of aircraft;
  • Updating flight and air fight instructions;
  • Designing and manufacturing instrumentation configurations for aircraft;
  • Designing and creating of flight and ground test and evaluation procedures for aircraft;
  • Performing planning test and evaluation for aeronautic products;
  • Performing test and evaluation reports for aeronautic products;
  • Performing evaluation of technical status for aeronautic products in order to redefine the technical life;
  • Performing chemical analysis for specific aviation products;
  • Research and experiments in aeronautic medicine field;
  • Participation at domestic and foreign aeronautic shows;
  • Other activities in aeronautic field (special films, technical expertise for aviation incidents’ investigation, weight and balance determinations etc).


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