• Scientific research in the area of:
    • Technology, equipments and materiel for chemical and radiological decontamination;
    • Chemical detection equipments;
    • NBC individual protection equipments;
    • Nuclear surveillance equipments;
    • Electromagnetic screening;
    • High power explosives, pyrotechnic compositions and materiel;
    • Non-lethal and counter-terrorist materiel;
    • Individual ballistic protection.
  • Service/maintenance for chemical and nuclear surveillance equipment;
  • Analyses:
    • Organ phosphorus and organ chlorine pesticides in complex matrices;
    • Radiometric measurements;
    • Measurements of protection level from materiel and individual /collective protection equipments against toxic warfare agents;
    • Measurements for mechanical resistance of NBC individual protection equipments and materiel;
    • Ballistic testing for ballistic protection equipments, bullet proof glasses and blinds;
    • Measurements for over-pressure on explosives and explosives mixtures working .
    • Environmental report ER;
    • Environmental balance EB;
    • Emplacement report ER;
    • Security report SR;
    • Adequate evaluation report AER.
  • Microproduction:
    • The chemical decontamination devices refresh;
    • The specifically reactive synthesis for the decontamination process;
    • The indicative tubes for the STL detection;
    • Plastics explosives.


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