• Activity areas of the Research Center for Navy are:

Fundamental and applied research : 

  • Construction and modernization of combat and auxiliary ships
  • Naval systems and equipments
  • Naval combat systems, electronic countermeasures and ammunition
  • Sonar systems
  • Shipboard automatics
  • Fire control systems
  • Training simulators

Testing and evaluation:

  • New and modernized equipment
  • Characterization of the physical fields of ships (acoustic, electromagnetic, magnetic, infrared)
  • Hydro-acoustic prognosis
  • Stress and deformations of naval structures
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Hull and other naval structures status

Scientific research section „Naval platforms and physical fields”: 

  • Naval platforms: design of new constructions, ships modernization, ship documentations (stability, trim, load plans, certification documentation)
  • Systems, installations and naval equipments: design, modernization, documentation for installation and operation
  • Consultancy for naval construction and shipboard equipment
  • Ships physical fields: electromagnetic, acoustic, infrared
  • Sonar and hydro-acoustic prognosis equipment
  • Acoustic sensors for underwater weapons

Scientific research section „Naval weapons and sensors” 

  • Warfare sensor systems: electro-optical, radar
  • Electronic warfare and C4ISR systems
  • Naval combat systems
  • Naval ammunition
  • Equipment and training simulators

“Naval testing, evaluation and technical certification” laboratory: 

  • Testing and evaluation for ship construction and operations (stability and sailing qualities of the vessels, non-destructive testing of structures,mechanisms and diagnosis equipment for vibrations and acoustics, dockside and sea testing, determining the parameters of electrical networks on board)
  • Testing and evaluation: noise and vibration aboard ships or radiated in the marine environment, underwater equipment, sonar systems antennas
  • Testing and evaluation of armament and munitions
  • Development of specific forms for issuing registration certificates for ships and boats in the  Military Defense System structures
  • Collaboration with the Navy HQ Logistics Service for filling the „Romanian Military Ships Register” and of the „Register for technical authorizations for suppliers of products and services for military vessels”
  • Participation to developing technical standards, procedures and instructions, applications for these in the naval area according to the international conventions for recording, maintenance, operation, repair and decommission of vessels. Oversee the implementation process
  • Participation to developing the maintenance program for military vessels and associated documentation, including those concerning technical resources and operational life


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