Center manager

Commander engineer Georgică Slămnoiu







Date of birth: 11.08.1963

Scientific titles:

  • Associate Professor;
  • PhD in mechanical engineering. Thesis „Contributions to behavior in exploitation and improvement of the construction and increase of the performance of the Romanian marine drilling rigs.”, „Petrol-Gaze” University, Ploieşti, 2001;
  • PhD in military and information sciences with the thesis „Security of the marine drilling and extraction rigs in the Romanian exclusive economic area”, „Carol I” National Defense University, Bucharest, 2010;
  • Member of the General Association of Romanian Engineers;
  • Member in the Scientific Committee of National Representatives of NATO Science and Technology Organization/ Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italia, 2013;
  • AFCEA member (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) – Romanian Chapter;
  • Founding member of the „Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy Graduates’ Association.

Specialized studies:

  • „Dunărea de Jos” University, Galaţi, Mechanics Faculty, Ships Section, class of 1986;
  • University Pedagogic Seminary; Centre for Psychopedagogic Research and Training of the Teaching Staff from the Military Education System, Bucharest, class of 1995;
  • Master in „Naval transportation optimization”, „Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy, Constanţa, 2000-2001;
  • Special training- „Quality management systems conforming to EN 45012:1998, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 standards”, FiaTest, Bucharest, 2003;
  • Special training- „Training of internal auditors for the quality management system.”, FiaTest Bucharest, 2003;
  • Master in „Management and marketing for transports, free areas and exchanges”, „Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy, Constanţa, 2004-2005;
  • Advanced English language classes, „Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy, Constanţa, 2006;
  • Special Training- „Solid Works 2006”and „Cosmos Works Designer 2006”, CAD Works Craiova, 2006;
  • Special training- „Transitioning from SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2001 to the new ISO 17025:2005 standard”, FiaTest, Bucharest, 2006;
  • Special training- „Quality Auditor”, FiaTest, Bucharest, 2006;
  • Post-university management special training - „Management of human, technical and financial resources in the Navy”, „Mircea cel Bătrân” Naval Academy, Constanţa, 2007;
  • Special training- „Training of auditors for the Quality Management System in a laboratory using the SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 and SR EN ISO 19011:2003 standards”, FiaTest, Bucharest, 2010;
  • Preparatory special training for Common Security and Defense Policy, European Security and Defense College in collaboration with the National Defense College, 2013.


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