• Chemical and radiological decontamination solution (link to the pictures 6, 7);
  • Chemical detection equipments (TDAT) and nuclear detection (DET-2, DET-2S, DET-2P) (link to the picture 8);
  • Ballistic protection equipments (antipellet vest, ballistic protection shield, ballistic crash helmet, protection suit for pyrotechnics) (link to the picture 9);
  • NBC protection equipments (gas mask, NBC protection suit with filtro-ventilation ) (link to the pictures 10, 11);
  • Pyrotechnic devices (plastics explosive, elastic explosive tape, AG-7 incendiary explosive shock, cumulative charge for the rapid cutting of the metals)  (link to the pictures 12, 13, 14);
  • Modernized portable dosimeter;
  • Detection and biologica land chemical identification system;
  • S.I.B.C.R.A. Rapid Intervention Module;
  • NBC protection equipments testing laboratory;
  • Devices and methods for the inactivation of non-functional ammunition;
  • VIP protection brief case.


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