Accreditations, Attestations, Responsibilities

In 2020, the quality assurance and surveillance activity was conducted in accordance with the quality management system documents.In order to demonstrate the ability to perform/provide consistent products/ services that meet customer and requirements regulations, METRA management has implemented an integrated quality management system in accordance with the SR EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements and NATO Publications Quality Assurance – QA, according to STANAG 4107/ed. 11.

The integrated quality management system implemented within METRA was recertified in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2015 by AJA CERT SRL through AJA Registrars Ro, the official Romania representative of Multinational Certification and Training System, AJA Registrars Europe.

METRA has certifications for the following areas:

  • Scientific research, design and development, micro-testing, test and evaluation for defense and security including land, air and naval systems;
  • Military and security systems and equipment maintenance for land, air and naval forces;
  • Mechanical – climate testing measurement for military and security systems and equipment;
  • CBRN defense and ecology and interventions at CBRN events.

To achieve the required tasks, METRA follows the regulations from The quality assurance and surveillance of services / products program, within MoND,  it provide correlation between tasks and responsibilities and based on procedures. These are defined and standardized for each activity and carried out by the entire METRA staff.

In order to achieve the quality objectives METRA leadership make use of all the material, financial and human resources, periodically review the system efficiency and effectiveness of the preventive and corrective measures established.

The Research and development, test and evaluation, acquisitions and the technical specifications activities are based on the operational procedures and specific work instructions.