Capabilities, areas of competence

Both competence and specializations are insured through the material and personnel in specialized divisions and laboratories within the centers. The scientific centers managers, deputy managers as well as the sections representatives are certified according to the Ministry of National Defense and national legislations on scientific research personnel.

Areas of competence

  • Applied research and development for security and defense, in the framework of the MoND research and development Sectorial Plan, international programs, as well as on the basis of a contract with the universities, research and development units or State-owned or private companies, in benefit of the Ministry of National Defense;
  • Testing and evaluation of military equipment and armaments, carried out national or abroad, for the elaboration of technical or scientific opinions to support the procurement process;
  • Scientific expertise, in support of major endowment programs;
  • Services and specialized analyses for beneficiaries outside MoND.


  • Concept studies for major weapons systems and military equipment, used to support the decisions concerning their acquisition;
  • Technical specifications used in the procurement process;
  • Studies and technical documentation for upgrading or maintenance of existing military hardware;
  • Equipment and software;
  • Experimental models, laboratory pilot stations and generic technologies, with support for future applied research;
  • Design activities and technology transfer of results towards economic operators, public or private;
  • Supporting technological and in field development of small series of products, or unique products, including those for marketing purposes;
  • Certified scientific expertise and services;
  • Test plans and test reports for military products acceptance;
  • Opinions of weapons systems and military extraordinary repair technique;
  • Documents of implementation and/or acceptance of NATO standards in the fields of competence;
  • Intervention in the event of an emergency nuclear, chemical, radiological and environmental emission other than attack.