Head of Center

Colonel Engineer Daniel LĂPĂDAT

  • Date of birth:   05.01.1970
  • Scientific titles: Scientific researcher 3rd degree
  • Studies:
    • Military Technical Academy, Armaments Ammunition and Missiles Faculty, 1996;
    • Cybernetics, Statistics and Computer Science Academy, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, 2003;
    • Post graduate studies in ” Armament systems engineering “, Military Technical Academy, 2001;
    • Naval Academy officer in FRR courses.
    • English course with military specific, CLASS – Center of modern languages, 1998.
    • Compartment manager for technology insurance with armament, ammunitions and missiles (fast reaction unit), 1996-1999;
    • Scientific research activities in armament and ballistic protection area of battle missions, 1999 – present;
    • Responsible with test and evaluation activity in different research-development stages (from experimental pattern to initial series production) for military products from the major programs framework of Ministry of National Defence endowment, from the rigging (the Romanian tank TR-85M1, Battle infantry car MLI-84M, Reactive missiles launcher LAROM, Tank mines dredger DMTR-85M1, GEPARD Anti-aircraft system of 2×35 caliber) .