General Presentation

The Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency (METRA), was founded by the “Minister of Defence Order no. M1 / 07.01.1998, as part of the Armaments Department.

METRA ensures the Armaments Department scientific and technological competence, carrying on a complex scale of unique activities, required by the Ministry of National Defence beneficiaries, among which, with priority are tackled those of the General Staff (GS) and of the Military Forces Categories(MFC).

METRA board applies the Ministry of National Defence managerial control criteria, for the endowment  and/or development of modern equipments, based on techniques and technologies which respond to the Romanian Army forces structures operational and interoperability requirements and also contribute to the Military Forces combat missions accomplishment.

Both at European level and on American mainland, there are several national organizations similar to METRA, which ensure consultancy and expertise for their defence ministries:

  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), from Great Britain,
  • Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), from Norway,
  • Defence Research Nederland (TNO), from Netherlands,
  • Etablissement Technique Central de l’Armament, France,
  • Defence Research and Development (DRDC), Canada,
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), from SUA, with various subordinated laboratories and departments:
    • Air Force Research Laboratory,
    • Air Force Office Scientific Research,
    • Army Materiel Command,
    • Army Research Laboratory Technology Transfer Office,
    • Office of Naval Research,
    • Naval Research Laboratory,
    • Federal Laboratories and Agencies,
  • Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Within NATO framework, we should still mention about the existence of several organizations similar to METRA, among which the Command, Consultancy and Control Agency (NC3A) and NATO Research and Technologies Organization (RTO). The European Defence Agency (EDA) works within the UE. The organizations main target is to establish the common international  framework, in charge with the member states security challenges, as well as other aspects concerning the military equipment and systems interoperability.

METRA is part of the National Research – Development System, with accredited or certified structures for scientific research and technological development or for test and evaluation, recognized at national or international level.