The reorganisation of the Romanian Army, which started after 1989 events, affected  the military scientific research also. On this showing, several prestigious scientific research units, within the Ministry of National Defense, have become, according to the “Minister of Defense Order M1, no. 07/01/1998, the Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency (METRA).

Such being the case, METRA embeded the Research and Development Military Institute, the Scientific Research Center for Navy, the Electronics and Informatics Research and Development Center, the Military Technical Academy Scientific Research Group, the Engineering and Railways Scientific Research and Engineering Design workshop, researchers from the Design and Production Institute on Military Topo-geodesy as well as other scientific research units under the subordination of the Ministry of National Defense.

METRA provides the Ministry of Defense scientific and technological competence, developing a complex range of unique character specific activities, as required by the beneficiaries, between which MoND priority resolution requests are, addressed to the General Staff and Army’s Category Forces.

The Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency research and development management, pursue and develop modern and effective equipment, based on the latest techniques and technologies that actually address the need for interoperability and operational Romanian Armed Forces activities structure.



Since its foundation until the present time, METRA participated to the Romanian Army military technique endowment, test or modernization, among which we should mention the following notable results: DELTA – 01S data and voice numerical crypt terminal; START 1M radiolocation station antenna ensemble,  Navy armament 30mm caliber ammunition, Anti-submarine torpedo targets, Ventilation NBC protection suit , Modernized III A bullet proof ,Decontamination solution system, IAR –99 ŞOIM airplane, MIG – 21 LANCER airplane, air-air rocket armed designed and MAGIC 2, BAEF 250 aviation bomb, Land surveillance system for airline traffic, Training simulator for tanks front sight, Secure system for cryptographic keys,  thermobaric warhead for AG 3×40 mm grenade launcher,  Target system for surface-to-air, air-to-air and ship-to-air,  X-7003 encryption device.

  By the Government Decision no. 395 from 13.04.2011, METRA has been assigned as contracting authority of the national 8X8 ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER program as well as for IAR – 99 TD technology demonstrator.