In Flight Test and Innovation Center

On 01st of April 1974 – The In Flight Test Center was set up pursue HCM no. 356 for land and in flight testing Romanian military and civil aeronautics industrial products.

On 22nd of March 1991 – The In Flight Test Center – Craiova becomes the “CIZ SA” with the same activity area.

On 18th of May 1994 – due to “The In Flight Research and Test Center” reformation, the center became a scientific research and test-evaluation military unit in the aeronautic area, integrated in the Army Endowment Department structure. Therefore, the center expands its activity domain over the military technology testing.

In 1998, by the Minister of National Defense Order no. M1/1998, the center joined the Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency structure.

The Center carries out competitive scientific research activities based on projects, for the benefit of the force categories. The financing source in the case of the projects included in the Sectorial Plan for research-development of MoND is represented by the MoND budget, whilst in the case of the projects gained within the Research-Development and Innovation National Plan is represented by the MECS budget.