The Research and Innovation Center for Information Technologies and Communications has the following areas of responsibility:

  • Research and development (research, development and innovation/implementation of systems/laboratory/experimental/functional models, technological/functional demonstrators and R&D prototypes, software applications, development of technical studies/concept/technical documentation, development testing-evaluation, etc.):
    1. IT and communication systems
    2. command-control systems / C4ISR
    3. electronic warfare systems / EW
    4. electromagnetic compatibility / EMC
    5. integrated security systems / SIS
    6. artificial intelligence and advanced information technologies / TIA
    7. cyber security systems / SSC
  • Specialized testing and evaluation:
    1. information and communication systems
    2. parameter measurements of communication equipment
    3. electromagnetic compatibility and/or immunity measurements at equipment and/or system level
    4. parameter measurements of RF circuits and devices
    5. characterization of electromagnetic shielded enclosures/micro-enclosures and materials with electromagnetic shielding properties
  • Design:
    1. integrated security systems
    2. communications and IT systems
    3. C4ISR systems, EW systems architectures
    4. software/web development