METRA internal/managerial control (IMCS) system pursues the achievement of an efficient organizational pattern of all its subordinated structures, capable to continuously improve its performance for both qualitative and quantitative indicators.

METRA internal/management control system pursues three permanent outers as follows:

  1. Functional efficiency;
  2. Internal and external information reliability;
  3. Internal policy regulations.

In order to provide public funds economically, METRA ensure the internal control works properly, such as the internal audit, established by the headquarters according to the agency`s outers as well as the legal regulations. Of highly importance are the organizational methods and procedures.

The internal / management Code was distributed and pursuded to all METRA structures according to 600/20.04.2018 order, issued by the Government General Secretariat.

METRA follows the Ethic Conduct Code for military as well as for the civil personnel within the Ministry of National Defence, according to the ministr of National Defence order M 94/2004 – establishing guidelines for the ethical behavior in achieving job duties, applicable to both management personnel and the leadership posts.

The agency mission was clearly structured throughout METRA organizational and operating rules and METRA tasks papers, presented to the entire personnel during the monthly meetings.

Within 2018 Main activities plan, there were established the specific operational tasks as follows:

  • The entire personnel took notice of the specific agecy tasks and the performance items of METRA throught 2018;
  • It was drown up METRA own developing plan in order to improve the managerial control system in accordance to the Armament Department Managerial control system developing plan;
  • The planning papers were developed and approved according to the structure needs. Notice that for each target set within the specific task plan and the performance items there have been set up ways of monitoring the performance items found within the research and developing results special register.
  • Major risks have been detected, in order to ensure accuracy and completeness of rules, regulations, financial data, internal and external management, safeguard its goods, deter and detect frauds.
  • METRA risks Register has been drown up according to final centralized data collected from each agency subordinated structure.

                 Notice that all the activities followed specific procedures throught there own work instructions or other provisions and regulations.

The following paper drafts were transmitted to the Armament Department:

  • Semestrial report on internal/management control system implementation;
  • The 2018 METRA report evaluation;
  • The self assesement of the internal/management control system standards implementation within METRA during 2018.

Following the internal/management control system self assessment at the agency level, there have been underlined the stage of standards implementation. The results stand in improving the decision making system as well as the reports over the activities.