Military Technology Permament Exhibition Center

The Military Technology Permanent Exhibition Center is a Ministry of National Defense framework which detains valuable and diversified military collections and products created by our country`s defense industry and various economic agents.

plane prototype

The main exhibitions aim is that of presenting the Romanian military and technique production to military or civilian experts which are training within the defense system as well as to various foreign military delegations, in order to seek and promote our achievements to export military equipments.

Together with the promotion of the military profession campaign, was also held the “open gates day” occasion with gathered  students and teachers altogether from various colleges and schools that were very interested in training programs for the military profession. Visits were often held within the framework of educational activities attended by the military institutions, armed forces categories academies and the National Defense College.

Within this structure one can notice the continuing challenge for the modernization of the technical and material basis with new furniture, electronics and electrical equipment gear needed for the best conditions deployment of specific exhibition environment and also with the permanent exhibits renewal.