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On October 18th, 1966, by order no. CL 00/1080 of the Armed Forces Minister the Navy Scientific Research Center is established under the direct command of the Navy HQ.

In 1998, the Research Center of the Navy has been integrated in METRA (Military Equipment and Technology Research Agency), under the command of the Amaments Department. In 2001 it has been given the current name: Naval Research Center.

In the period 20.11.2001 – 01.09.2021, by the communication (order) of the General Staff no. G3/4067, the name of the center was The Center for Scientific Research for Navy.

Starting with 01.09.2021, by the order of the General Defense Staff no. G0/170 of 19.07.2021, the name of the center is changed to the Research and Innovation Center for Navy.