Research & development activities

By its main activities METRA is part of national R & D system, covering in a specific and unique way the military component of R & D component.

METRA fulfills the research strategy objectives by materializing research and development projects within the 2016 Research and Development Annual Plan.

The Research and Development Annual Plan is structured as follows:


  • The Ministry of National Defense Research & Development Sectorial Plan  advised by the Scientific Research National Authority  and approved by the Minister of National Defense;
  • The National Research – Development and Innovation Plan – which includes the financing agreements concluded for the projects won in the competition launched by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Education of the National Plan II/III;
  • METRA Internal Plan.

All R & D activities within METRA are following precise procedures, ensuring a proper management and high quality results.

Research and development projects have supported the achievements of the objectives and requirements of the beneficiary armed forces categories, particularly for the development and modernization of equipments and systems used within the operational theatres, in order to extend the technical resources systems in service as well as the Ministry of National Defense priority programs.




The 2016 Ministry of National Defense Sectorial Plan Research and Development, financed by the budget through the Armament Department, had planned a total of 818.400 lei.

During the execution of the plan, according to the objective requirements arising in addition to the beneficiary ones, by adjusting the allocated resources needed as well as framing the allocated time schedules for achieving goals, the 2016 Military Technique and Technology Research and Development Sector Plan  has been updated through 8 plan modification operational sheets.

According to the final disposition were awarded for execution in 2016 a total of 84 projects, amounting a total of 115 researches – development and test and evaluation R & D activities.

Following the research and development activities planned throughout 2016 Sectorial Plan Research and Development, there were recorded the following results according to the reception achievements received by the beneficiary forces categories:

  • Major acquisition programs concept studies                         11
  • System evaluation and technical studies             39       
  • Demonstration systems (mathematical models and technology demonstrators) 5
  • Test – evaluation, acceptance, operational test activities, completed by test

and evaluation reports                                                                                                         20

  • Research and industrial prototypes                              19
  • Technical and development specifications                        13
  • Research and experimental reports                         21
  • Technical papers, methodologies, catalogue, guide, procedure. 29                               



Within the Research – Development and Innovation National Plan – on „PARTNERSHIPS”, „INNOVATION” and „STAR” competitions have been accomplished 25 research activities within 25 projects, with a total value of funds of 3.232.545 lei.

Notices that all the PNCDI research – development activities have been accomplished according to the initial approvals.

Center for Test – Evaluation and Scientific Research for Information Systems and Communications PARTNERSHIPS


4 4 299.347
Center for Test – Evaluation and Scientific Research for Armaments PARTNERSHIPS


5 5 720.402
Center for C.B.R.N. Defense and Ecology Scientific Research PARTNERSHIPS 15 15 1.854.938
Center for Navy

Scientific Research

PARTNERSHIPS 1 1 357.858



Within the Internal Plan had been carried out activities specific to the following specific METRA fields:

  • Research and development projects assessment, requested by the Ministry of National Defense forces categories based on the requirements issued by them but for which no funds were allocated through PSCD as well as for continuing the projects until the approval of the Research and Development Sectoral Plan;
  • Accounting, managing and dissemination of the research & development activity results throughout METRA database.             


During 2016, within METRA, were developed and submitted for approval a total of 509 technical specifications and acquisitions product sheets as a support for the Ministry of National Defense Public Acquisitions Annual Plan, for which beneficiaries have issued technical requirements.

The distribution of the technical specifications / product sheets under the responsibly of METRA in 2016:


Center for C.B.R.N. Defense and Ecology Scientific Research 62
Center for Test – Evaluation and Scientific Research for Information Systems and Communications 148
Center for Test – Evaluation and Scientific Research for Armaments 261
Center for Navy

Scientific Research

In Flight Test Center 19


Within the MoND specific network operates the electronic library which keeps account of the research and development acquisition technical specifications / products.

The library holds for now 2686 research and development results – for 2006 – 2016 and over 2.600 technical specifications and acquisitions sheets products, results available on the MoND specific network.


The services offered by METRA for the beneficiaries outside the Ministry of National Defense follows the Minister of Defense order no. M 82 / 2008, and they are:

  • Execution and approval of deployment projects for communication equipments;
  • TEMPEST test and evaluation activities;
  • TEMPEST environment analyses and certification;
  • Electromagnetic field determination;
  • Noise and vibration test and evaluation aboard ships or in the marine environment;
  • Ground and in flight test and acceptance for air ships and equipments manufactured in the country or abroad;
  • Ground and in flight test and evaluation for aeronautical products;
  • Military technique testing.

During 2016 METRA committed and engaged, on demand, 13 service contracts for communication equipments setting, test and evaluation activities – TEMPEST, as well as 167 of electromagnetic field level determination in different locations.

The collaboration contract assignment is made by specific institutions, those which hold the technical capabilities and the necessary resources for their completion according to the technical requirements framed by the research team in accordance with the Secretary of State requirements on QA implementation.

The collaborator’s technical capabilities are being evaluated according to the previous results in order to ensure the regularity of the activities within the projects.

The final reception complies the contract stipulations, the Paper assignments as well as the quality surveillance plan.  The final reception is made by a specific committee for each project. The collaboration results are totally included in the final protocol.

  • Small series production of medium and low complexity equipments;
  • Service and warranty and post warranty for cryptographic equipments;
  • Revisions for dosimetric devices;
  • Revisions for chemical devices;
  • CBRN systems and equipments micro production.