Technical Intermediary Archive Deposit

Among the structure main areas of competence, we must remind the following:

  • technical documentations acquisition, duplicate and original, of all the Ministry of Defense structures and the economic agents, military equipment performers, dissolved, reorganized, who changed the activity target;
  • information management of the technical documentation holders and users of any kind, including repairs;
  • petition management – recalculation of the retirement pensions ( for military and civil employees);
  • management of the specific intermediate archival documentation under the Armament Department structure;

  • technical documentation and licenses management, which are private property and are managed by the Ministry of Defense;
  • management of functional models and prototypes documentation which, after the products approval, are distributed to the TIAD approval committee storage;
  • Ministry of Defense technical documentation reception created or taken from tertiary persons;
  • system improvement and process administration through computerization system and the technical documentation archive storage on CD;

  • ensuring the interface relationships between the Armament Department structures and the military technique researchers and producers by providing information and technical documentation in accordance to the present regulations;
  • the military equipment producers technical documentation records and the research-design institutes;
  • assignment contracts closure for the licensed technology documentation from the military technology suppliers;
  • technical documentation products management which are subject to approval of research contracts with the military technique research institutes;

  • ensuring the specialists and the military technique suppliers access to the technical documentation by following the present procedures;
  • organizing DIAT adjoining spaces in order to ensure a security degree of the classified documents pursuant to their secrecy level.

Activities and achievements of the specialists of TIAD

  • management of the defense technical documentations (made under the Ministry of Defense coordination in the country or abroad), as well as on different holders and users of documents under the Ministry of Defense administration;

  • petition management – recalculation of the retirement pensions ( for military and civil employees);
  • participation on the research and design results, the decision on disposition, lease or concession of the research and design results under the defense system;
  • the electronic processing and documentation analysis and redesigning its reporting if needed, organization and execution of an electronic archiving database in order to provide the insurance fund deployed in crises situation, default rates, assuring the necessary documentations for major situations;
  • the documentation takeover of the retrieved products, administration of the Ministry of Defense dissolved or reorganized units papers, who actually altered the object of activity;
  • insurance of access right exertion to the public property documentations , capitalization of the research and development results, introduction to economic environment by creating the favorable environment for consultations and copies release;
  • expert assistance and guidance to business formation, inventory, record keeping, selection, storage and disposal of military archives under the Armament Department coordination;
  • providing METRA`s duplication of the documents needed;
  • elaboration of TIAD working structure procedures and norms.