Scientific research, technological development and innovation in the field of:

– Modularized protection systems against ballistic threats for ground combat vehicles;

– Infantry and artillery ammunitions;

– Military vehicles on wheels, tracks and logistic vehicles;

– Combat engineer equipment;

– Integrated weapon systems;

– Land forces weapons systems;

– Lasers, optoelectronic equipment;

– Indirect personnel protection technologies;

– Decoy and countermeasures technologies;

– UAVs;

– Electromagnetic Field Measurements;

– Mechanical and Climatic Test Reports.

Specialized testing and evaluation

– testing and evaluation of military and security systems;

– testing and approval of UAVs

– testing and approval of armament systems of land forces.


– expertise in 2D/3D design, modelling, simulation, development and manufacturing of UAVs and armament systems;

– expertise in design, manufacturing and approval of research prototypes.

Acquisition specifications

– technical specifications / product datasheets for equipment and systems within the center’s areas of competence

– technical specifications within the endowment programs carried out at DGArm level

– participation in commissions of technical experts in procurement programs carried out at the level of the contracting authority in DGArm

– participation in approval commissions for systems from the MApN endowment

– defense resource planning/scheduling– operationalization of technical capabilities at the level of MApN beneficiaries